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Our engineering consulting services are intended to enable your company to obtain experts in several areas of renewable energy engineering. Services that we provide fall into the following categories:

  • Project development studies and due diligence
  • Design of renewable energy products and systems
  • Selection, installation, and maintenance of energy systems
  • Energy system testing
  • Energy engineering analysis
  • Consulting for compliance to relevant regulations and incentive opportunities

Tri-Canadian Energy will provide a proposal with a scope description and estimates for cost and schedule prior to engaging in contract work.

The following project models are typical:

  • Provide analysis for project development
  • Provide supplemental project resources for energy system design, installation, and engineering analysis
  • Turn-key projects
  • Project assessments/audits, independent project reviews, tests

Consulting services are provided on a time and material basis. We provide energy experienced personnel within the following engineering disciplines:

  • Project Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Renewable energy incentives and regulations

Renewable energy related industries are affected by a number of regulations and incentives. Use Tri-Canadian Energy services to avoid regulatory related project risks/delays and find incentives/opportunities related to your project.

Who We Are

Tri-Canadian Energy provides services across the energy spectrum – electrical power production via wind, solar, and biomass generators; biofuel process engineering for ethanol and bio-diesel production; thermal systems using biomass methods, solar technologies, and geothermal sources for heat. We assist energy companies with the analysis, selection, development, design, and operation of renewable energy systems and products in full compliance with relevant country and federal regulations. We have the capability to provide full service, turn-key project development or we can supplement your company’s internal resources needs throughout the project. Leveraging the quality and experience of core competence of systems engineering and project management, we supply electrical, mechanical, software, civil, and chemical engineers that enable energy companies to realize new and/or re-engineered energy systems and products into the market at a lower overall cost.


There is currently an unprecedented need for renewable and alternative energy. In order to have independence from fossil fuels, renewable fuels and renewable electrical power sources need to be developed. Renewable energy has a side benefit of being "green" energy, providing low carbon emissions which has been cited as a source of global warming. Solar and wind turbine projects are becoming widespread and commercially viable. Very exciting biomass energy sources are also coming on line.