Tri-Canadian Energy Maintenance and Monitoring

Tri-Canadian Energy offers professional operation and maintenance services for solar PV plants as well as residential systems over the total operation period.

Our technical operation services consist of professional remote monitoring, frequent inspection and preventive maintenance, maintenance reports, repair recommendations and deficit energy production analyses.  In case of system failures, our trained service Technicians guarantee fast and reliable troubleshooting.

Properly maintaining the electrical and mechanical components in your Solar PV system will ensure long term reliable performance.  Tri-Canadian Energy Power Operations & Maintenance programs provide trained PV Technicians onsite to perform diagnostic checks on all components in your PV system, including a PV module performance evaluation to confirm that your PV modules are operating within the manufacturer’s performance warranty specifications.  With an online monitoring system installation, Tri-Canadian Energy can remotely monitor the performance of your PV System and dispatch a technician in the event of a system fault or alarm.

Tri-Canadian Energy Maintenance and Monitoring will minimize system downtime in the event of a component failure. You will receive a copy of the completed PV System Service Record upon completion of each annual service. This will document maintenance tasks that have been completed and will provide an overall assessment of the performance of your system, with recommendations for optimizing performance.

Your benefits of contract:

  1. 3 year Maintenance and Monitoring contract
  2. Advocating for your current warranty of parts
  3. Providing rate reductions ( hourly rates and mileage rates)
  4. Providing you with Service Priority
  5. 3 year contract paid monthly or quarterly option
  6. Automatic Renewal available
  7. Optional site camera (extra cost)