Our Team 

Steve Van Dusen, President/CEO 

Steve is the Founder of Tri-Canadian Energy. Over the last 15 years his company has been a leader and innovator in the alternative energy space. He catapulted Tri-Canadian Energy as an Ontario leader in green energy, creating one of Canada’s first residential micro-cogeneration systems operating on bio-fuels. Steve has had the opportunity to work with and in coalition with different solar power providers in Ontario. Working and consulting on the preparation of 10 Mega Watt fields in Picton Ontario. He has also consulted on multiple 10 Mega Watt solar field developments across Canada. Steve continues to be an industry leader.


James Spicer, Solar Installation Technician

‚ÄčJames is the technician for Tri-Canadian Energy. He brings over ten years of expertise and has installed over 100 different solar systems; everything from Micro-Fit to Off-Grid, to Wind Turbines. James' extensive knowledge and skills make him a valuable asset to Tri-Canadian.  


Barb Spry, Chief Operations Officer

Barb Spry managed a local business for 15 years as well as running her own business since graduating from the University of Guelph majoring in horticulture. She has experience in the financial and insurance fields all which blends well with managing of the operations of Tri-Canadian Energy.




Lois Woodall, Office Administration

Lois is the newest member of our team. Her role is office administrator.  She will look after the day to day office duties. She has several years experience in office adminstration and in customer service.  Lois is looking forward to learning about the Solar Industry with Tri-Canadian Energy.


Crystal Demedeiros, Director of External Funding


Crystal is a Chartered Professional Accountant / Certified Management Accountant (CPA/CMA) with a Bachelor of Accounting degree from Brock University.  She has worked in varying financial roles within numerous sectors, including Hi-Tech, public institutions, and crown corporations. As well, Crystal has extensive knowledge with grants and research funding both at the provincial and university level.  Her keen interest in finding efficient and cost effective ways of doing business, combined with her diverse work experience, aligns well with the ethos of Tri-Canadian Energy.