While at SkyPower I had the opportunity to work with Steve through the development cycle of several 10MW solar projects in Ontario. Steve and Tri-Canadian Energy were able to provide us with valuable knowledge and know how which had a positive impact on the success or our projects.

The permitting process of a solar farm can be very difficult and it can be a challenge to convert land from its current state into permissible solar field state. With every project that we consulted Steve he was able to deliver effective solutions in a very timely and efficient manor and was an integral part of our company's success.

On top of Steve's knowledge and professionalism, his honesty and integrity have made it an absolute pleasure to work with him an I would consider him an asset to any solar project.

Daniel Gains

Mountain Grove, On.
03 Feb, 2014

To whom it may concern:
I engaged Tri Canadian Energy (Steve Van Dusen) to install an off-grid solar system including battery storage and a DC backup generator in the fall of 2011. I have been very pleased with the work Steve and his crew have done, both during the initial installation and during their support over the following couple of years. They are very knowledgeable and any problems I have had were quickly resolved, sometimes with just phone instructions.

What I really like about this system is that, in contrast to many solar systems I have examined, I am not required to make massive adjustments to my life style. Other than normal conservation practices that I would have followed anyway, I can live a life that is very similar to life on the grid. That was the primary reason I chose this system and Tri Canadian Energy initially.

It has been a pleasure working with Steve, James and the rest of the crew and I look forward to many more years of cooperation with them. I fully recommend Tri Canadian Energy for anyone contemplating a solar installation.

Yours truly,
Murray Scott

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Steve Vandusen is the founder of Tri-Canadian Energy. Over the last 15 years, Steve has been a leader and innovator in the alternative energy space. Steve catapulted Tri-Canadian Energy as an Ontario leader in green energy, creating one of Canada's first residential micro-cogeneration systems operating on bio-fuels. Under Ontario’s FIT program, we worked with Steve on a 10 MW Solar Project. He is an excellent innovator, experienced in solar power generation, an early adapter, and continues to be a leading innovator.

Steve has experience in ground excavating for archaeological studies, land clearing for solar development, and preliminary site evaluations. He is a character individual in the competitive alternative energy sector.

Carmine Marando
Vice President, Real Estate Services
b. arch, oaa, mraic

Orange Group
Brookfield Johnson Controls Realty, Brokerage

Having built two homes with minimal subcontracting I had no intentions on hiring a Solar company to power my third project. Building a 3500 sq ft log home took an immense amount of research, a portion of that going to understand the solar needs. My meeting with Tri Canadian Energy was initially scheduled to confirm that I was on the right track. After spending 30 mins with Steve at Tri Canadian Energy I quickly realized that my research had yet to make me an industry expert. I was introduced to some products that I had never read about. I was given information as to what I would need to live totally off the grid. Steve took me into his own house to understand the capabilities and how efficient solar can be. He then showed me a demo on how the equipment worked. Tri Canadian Energy gave me an informal quote which was later put on paper and amazingly enough that number never changed when the job was done. The assembly crew did a fantastic job, starting early and working late to get the job done. The design and craftsmanship with every component of the system was equally impressive. The system is now going on its third year and functions the same as day one. I am now looking into a micro fit system with Tri Canadian Energy and looking forward to another successful transaction.

Admiral Dan Foley
Health and Physical Team Lead
Health and Wellness SHSM

Centennial Secondary School
Ph (613) 962-9233 ext 3416
FAX (613) 962-9770